Repair an Office application (Excel for Office Word Office Outlook for Office More...)

If an Office application such as Word or Excel isn’t working correctly, sometimes restarting it will fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, you can try repairing it. When you’re done, you might need to restart your computer.

Repair Office from the Control Panel

The steps to access the repair tool vary depending on your operating system. Choose from the drop-down list below.

Running Repair didn’t help. Now what?

Use this easy fix tool to completely uninstall Office.

1. Click this easy fix button to uninstall Office.

2. For the remaining steps showing how to save and use the easy fix, select your browser from the drop-down list below:

Is my Office Click-to-Run or MSI-based?

1. Open an Office application, such as Outlook or Word.

2. Go to File > Account or Office Account.

3. If you see an „Update Options“ item, you have a Click-to-Run installation. If you don’t see the „Update Options“ item, you have an MSI-based install.

1. Download the fix it above
2. Install and run
3. Restart, run it again then restart


Download the Tool:

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