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WISO Steuer:Sparbuch 2019 Steuerjahr 2018, Vollversion, [Download]

WISO Steuer:Sparbuch 2019 Steuerjahr 2018, Vollversion, [Download]

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WISO tax:Sparbuch 2019 Full Version ESD 1 User ( Download ) ( Fiscal Year 2018 )... more

Product information "WISO Steuer:Sparbuch 2019 Steuerjahr 2018, Vollversion, [Download]"

WISO tax:Sparbuch 2019

Full Version ESD 1 User ( Download ) ( Fiscal Year 2018 )


  • Handles the 2018 income tax return with all types of income. EÜR, turnover and trade tax declaration, advance return for turnover tax, etc. Data transfer from the previous year, etc.
  • Declaration of Establishment 2018 for communities of heirs and BGB companies
  • Automatic comparison of the official tax assessment with the program calculation
  • With jacket sheet and all forms - hundreds of tax tips, over 100 videos with tips around your tax return
  • You will receive the download link and the activation code by e-mail.

Just get it done: With Steuer:Automatik you save a lot of input, annoying searching, time and work. This is only available here - in the WISO control software. The WISO tax:savings book 2019 guides you through your 2018 tax return and gives you practical tips on where you can save taxes. This is how you secure the optimal reimbursement for yourself.
Updates included: The WISO tax:savings book 2019 is always up to date. Legal changes for the 2018 tax year are automatically updated. Without additional costs.
If you wish, you can complete your tax return not only on your computer, but also on the iPad, with an Android tablet or with steuer:Web directly in your browser. All inclusive, you pay nothing extra. That's only available at WISO tax:Sparbuch 2019

Scope of delivery:

  • License key for WISO Steuer:Sparbuch 2019 Steuerjahr 2018, full version, [Download]
  • download link
  • activation guide
  • Support Guarantee
  • Invoice incl. VAT

Only here - the tax:Automatic

Why don't you have your tax return made simple? Only in the WISO software there is the control:automatic. So your explanation is almost done by itself.
The tax:automatic takes a lot of work off your hands. You can flexibly decide what should happen automatically - all functions can be used individually or combined in any way.
This is how it works: The clever tax:import function intelligently updates your previous year's data. With steuer:Abruf you complete all the data available to the tax office for your case. Automatically. This means that a large part of your declaration has already been completed.
On request, you can supplement important bookings from your bank accounts with steuer:Banking. Directly at the right place on the tax return! Finally, submit your declaration with the practical tax:Shipping digitally to the tax office. Simple, fast, without a single sheet of paper.
And best of all, you don't pay a cent for this extra comfort. Everything is already included in your license.

What can WISO tax:Sparbuch 2019

Many programs can calculate taxes. However, if you want to save taxes, you should opt for the WISO tax:savings book 2019.
The popular tax software not only helps you to do your duty, it also makes sure that you can easily get the optimal tax return for 2018 and get what you need back from the tax office. And you will also save the money for expensive advice or membership in the Lohnsteuerhilfe-Verein!
You can rely on the competence and quality of WISO software: The WISO tax:savings book 2019 is regularly awarded in independent tests and receives top marks from the trade press.
Whether advertising costs, study, double household, commuter allowance or Riester pension: The WISO tax:savings book 2019 knows where you can save taxes and takes you to the optimal tax declaration 2018. All tax forms are included, all special cases are covered. The right solution for every case - also for yours!

Who needs WISO tax:Sparbuch 2019?

With the WISO tax:savings book 2019 you can save - no matter how you earn your money. The right solution for employees, workers, civil servants, pensioners, pensioners, investors, landlords and the self-employed.
Complete your 2018 income tax return yourself with immediate effect - conveniently on your PC. You can rely on the competence and quality of WISO software, because the WISO tax:savings book 2019 has already successfully mastered millions of tax returns.
The 2018 tax return with WISO software is as simple as that:

  • In the beginning, you describe yourself and your family situation: place of residence, marital status, children, etc.
  • Then enter your income and related expenses: Depending on your personal situation, the WISO tax:savings book 2019 will show you at any time how much money you can get back from the tax office and where you can still save taxes.
    • from wages, salaries, pensions and other benefits such as unemployment benefits
    • from the renting and leasing of apartments, houses, garages
    • from interest, dividends, sales of shares and fund units
    • from commercial enterprises, self-employed or freelance activity
  • Finally, have your entries checked by WISO tax:savings book 2019: Are there any contradictions, have you chosen the correct type of investment, have all the necessary entries been made?

That's it, too! Now you can print your 2018 tax return only on normal DIN A4 paper or use ELSTER to send the data conveniently via the Internet to your tax office. Both procedures are officially recognised. And with the electronic tax return 2018 with ELSTER, you even save yourself the trouble of submitting most receipts.

Why WISO tax:Sparbuch 2019?

Simple. Brilliant. - The WISO tax:savings book 2019 creates your optimal tax return for 2018. Easy to understand, with TÜV-certified operation. Ingenious: Individual tax tips ensure a high refund. And the tax:savings book even makes sure that you do everything right.

Correct. Sure, I'm sure. - The WISO tax:savings book 2019 calculates exactly. All calculations and tips are checked by independent tax consultants so that you know how much the tax office will reimburse you. And thanks to password protection and encryption, your data is also protected.

Checked. Proven. - The WISO tax:savings book 2019 has many friends. Every year, more than 1 million users rely on the WISO control software. The trade press also regularly awards top marks.

The right control software for you! - The WISO tax:savings book 2019 masters every case. Because it contains all tax forms and takes every special case into account. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert - with the steuer:Sparbuch you're making the right choice for your 2018 tax return!

private licence

This license entitles one (1) user to one (1) installation or, after registration, up to three (3) installations of the Software and the submission of a total of up to five (5) tax returns. After free registration (entering your e-mail address and binding the license key for all installations to your personal, non-transferable user account) you can also use steuer:Web and steuer:Apps (e.g. iOS, Android). A license key cannot be registered multiple times and is automatically checked online for its validity.

scope of performance

Everything for your tax return 2018.
Supports all types of income

  • Non-independent activities (incl. cross-border commuters)
  • Self-employed activities and business enterprise
  • capital income
  • Income from rentals and leases
  • Income from agriculture, forestry and viticulture
  • Foreign income
  • Other income

Declarations and motions included

  • Income tax return 2018
  • Wage tax reduction 2019
  • Separate and uniform statement of findings 2018
  • Revenue surplus statement 2018/2019
  • Value added tax return 2018
  • Advance return for sales tax 2019
  • Trade tax return 2018
  • Wage tax registration 2019
  • and much more

save taxes

  • Exact calculation of the tax refund
  • tax saving assistance
  • Simulation game mode with "What if" analysis
  • Tax Assessment Examiner
  • Automatic generation of objections
  • and much more

Additional computers

  • Logbook with extensive accessories
  • Salary Calculator 2015-2019
  • severance computer
  • unemployment benefit calculator
  • Property tax calculator
  • Vehicle tax calculator
  • IBAN calculator
  • and much more


  • control:automatic
  • Data transfer from the previous year's version
  • Data transfer from prefilled tax return (VaSt)
  • Data transfer from bank accounts
  • Officially recognised printout or ELSTER online levy
  • Objection about ELSTER
  • Over 150 multimedia videos
  • Numerous sample letters
  • Help & Explanations
  • Comprehensive manual (as PDF)
  • tax advisor
  • Regular updates
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