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CorelCAD 2020, Upgrade

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Professionelle Werkzeuge für die 2D-Zeichnungserstellung und 3D-Konstruktion Professionelles Programm für die 2D-Zeichnungserstellung und 3D-Konstruktion Kompatibilität mit den Industriestandards .DWG, .STL, .PDF und .CDR*...
€234.95 *
CorelCAD 2020 for Windows, Mac, UPGRADE Professional tools for 2D drawing creation and 3D... more

Product information "CorelCAD 2020, Upgrade"

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CorelCAD 2020 for Windows, Mac, UPGRADE

  • Professional tools for 2D drawing creation and 3D design
  • Compatibility with the industry standards .DWG, .STL, .PDF and .CDR*
  • Time-saving collaboration and project sharing
  • Optional automation and customization

The professional, affordable and simple CAD software solution

CorelCAD™ 2020 is an affordable CAD software solution available on both Windows and macOS, with time-saving tools that help simplify your CAD workflow. Full native support for the .DWG file format also makes it easy to collaborate. Take advantage of enhanced 2D drafting capabilities, advanced 3D modeling tools, and support for .STL to create designs more efficiently and optimize output.

Installation possible in the following languages:
English, German, Français, Português, Čeština, Español, Italiano, Polski, Pусский, Turkish

CAD software for 2D drawing creation, 3D design and 3D printing

Rapid conceptualization
CorelCAD extends your capabilities with a set of incredibly powerful design tools designed specifically for design professionals. Design, project, draw, plan and edit using market-leading CAD software. The extensive feature set enables you to create sophisticated 2D drawings.

Effortlessly from 2D to 3D
This advanced CAD program is designed for the effortless creation of 3D computer graphics. Benefit from a fast conversion process: With a few clicks you can create three-dimensional graphics from 2D designs. With CorelCAD, you know you'll quickly achieve superior results every time - while adhering to all specifications, project parameters and industry standards.
Highest output accuracy
Create high-quality work with a powerful tool for text, graphic or tactile output. CorelCAD's rich feature set can be used for virtually any technical design task, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues, classmates or other stakeholders. 3D printing is also easy with .STL support for 3D printers and 3D output.

Efficient execution
With CorelCAD, you can approach all projects directly and know you'll get accurate results every time. Native support for the .DWG file format of the latest AutoCAD version ensures seamless collaboration. Plus, this CAD software can be customized and automated to fit any work environment.

What's new in CorelCAD 2020?

1. Data Extraction Wizard* .
Specify a set of object or block attributes and extract this information.
2.New dimension style
Create a new dimension style from an existing dimension.

Create 2D objects from the boundaries of a 3D solid or 3D surface and wire frame models from the

Use layers in
files to reproduce the drawing layers from the DWG file and combine multiple drawings into a single PDF file

Save a custom block as a separate drawing under its own name

*The Ribbon, drawing tabs, CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES) file format import and export functions, Data Extraction Wizard, 3Dconnexion input device support, and Microsoft VSTA are available only in CorelCAD for Windows.
**Mac and macOS are trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.


The cost-effective alternative to CAD industry standard functions

The powerful design tools in CorelCAD 2020 make it easy to get the best results from this industry-leading CAD software.


Use industry-leading design resources and features to create professional projects in the shortest possible time.

Layer grouping filters
Group all referenced layers from other drawings that are automatically created when external references are added.

Industry standard CAD functions
CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs. Familiar commands and toolbar elements make it easy to get started.

Layer palette
Quickly access layer controls without leaving the drawing interface. Combine one or more layers into a target layer.

Improved performance
Enjoy a faster CAD experience on the latest operating systems and intuitive updates and features for each interface (such as the Ribbon*).

Design Resources
Quickly access and manage design components such as blocks, styles, drawings, and images for a variety of CAD projects in industries such as engineering, design, and manufacturing.

2D-drawing production

CorelCAD has everything you need, from new dimensioning tools to enhanced functionality for custom blocks.

OPTIMIZED! Multiple note lines and dimensioning tools
Configure labels and note lines that are automatically adjusted. Create a new dimensioning style from an existing dimension and rely on the precision of the intelligent dimensioning tools.

OPTIMIZED! Custom Block Functions
Use the new BBBLOCKSCHREIBENALS command to save a custom block (symbol definition) as a separate drawing, or test custom block definitions without leaving the Block Editor

OPTIMIZED! Drawing condition functions
See how the new SETCONSTRAINTNAMEFORMAT command lets you specify how dimensioning conditions are displayed and how geometric shapes satisfy dimensioning conditions.

OPTIMIZED! Pattern along paths
Duplicate objects of different shapes along a path and create a certain number of copies in a straight line pattern using the advanced copy tool.

Object snaps and handles
You can redistribute objects with object snaps, handles and polar curves. Context menus allow interactive editing of geometric shapes.


3D modelling

Advanced technical tools simplify professional output.

OPTIMIZED! Tools for 3D design and 3D processing
Create a wireframe structure from the edges of a 3D solid, surface, mesh or region. Use the new command 'OFFSET ENDS' to create 2D elements from the boundaries of 3D solids or 3D surfaces.

STL file import
Import stereolithography files (*.stl) to insert the 3D objects they contain. If you import ready-made 3D designs, you can now modify them further.

Polysolids - Tools for processing and modelling of 3D solids
Use "Polysolids" to create 3D solids in the form of polygonal walls. Bevel the edges of 3D solids with Bevel Edges and use the Surface and Loop options.

From 2D to 3D
Create a 2D design in CorelCAD or import a 2D design from CorelDRAW and convert it to 3D. Extrude and rotate 2D elements or carry them out along a path to convert 2D drawings into 3D models.

3D mouse support
Use 3Dconnexion* input devices to navigate in 3D.

Annotation and collaboration

Insert recorded messages, notes or instructions into your drawings.

NEW! Data Extraction Wizard*
Use the Data Extraction Wizard to set or block object attributes and extract information.

Native support for the .DWG file format
Open, edit, and save files in AutoCAD's latest .DWG file format (2018 .DWG) This ensures fast collaboration with colleagues and business partners.

Table support
Export tables as CSV for use in Microsoft Excel or database applications. Insert formulas into cells and modify existing tables on the screen.

Support for CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER file format*
On Windows, import and export CorelDRAW® (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER™ (.DES) files into CorelCAD, providing a seamless workflow between CAD and graphics programs

Comments and markers
Insert recorded messages, reminders, or instructions into drawings using the "Voice Memo" tool. Highlight or mask parts of a drawing so that comments cannot be added.


CorelCAD is distinguished by its excellent platform, printing and peripheral support.

platform support
Enjoy a native CAD software experience on the platform of your choice - Windows or Mac Benefit from industry-standard features and support for Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.

3D printing
Export 3D solids to .STL, the most commonly used file format for 3D printing. STL support allows you to connect directly to 3D printers, enabling you to print 3D prototypes or output to 3D printing service providers.

3D Mouse
Use 3Dconnexion* input devices to navigate in 3D. Rotate 2D and 3D drawings using the 3D mouse cap. You can assign preferred navigation settings or custom commands to the 3D mouse buttons.

AutoCAD features and files
Open, edit and save files in the latest .DWG file format (AutoCAD 2018). This ensures fast collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and business partners. Easily insert dynamic blocks from AutoCAD with support for .DWG files.

Mobile App
CorelCAD Mobile for iOS and Android devices lets you design and comment on the go. CorelCAD Mobile is a free companion application that provides features for viewing .DWG 2D and 3D, adding simple annotations and exchanging .DWG files.

File support
CorelCAD on Windows supports importing from and exporting to CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES) * CorelCAD also supports leading formats such as .PDF, .SVG, .EPS, .DWF, .STL, .SAT, .SHP and .DWS

*The Ribbon, drawing tabs, CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES) file format import and export functions, Data Extraction Wizard, 3Dconnexion input device support and Microsoft VSTA are available only in CorelCAD for Windows.
†Hinweis: If CorelCAD 2020 is purchased and installed from the Apple Mac App Store, the PDF/DGN document and Pack and Go features are not available and the Plug-in Store cannot be accessed.
**Mac and macOS are trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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