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Die Lösung für alle, die gerne selbst sammeln Wir leben im Streaming-Zeitalter: Podcasts, Musik, Videos, Serien und Filme werden nicht mehr heruntergeladen und später angesehen, sondern über geeignete Plattformen im Internet gleich...
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Millions of music tracks from 120 music genres are at your disposal with just one click.... more

Product information "Audials One 2019 Vollversion, [Download] [Sofortversand]"

Millions of music tracks from 120 music genres are at your disposal with just one click. Thousands of Internet radio stations and the intelligent direct Internet search leave no music wish unfulfilled. Plus the full package of options with videos, films and series. The best free entertainment, in the best quality, is only provided to youAudials One 2019.

Take a look at the screenshots to see for yourself the many possibilities and simple operation of Audials One 2019 - no other software offers so many advantages for your entertainment!

You can compare the functions of all Audials editions with the overview. Only Audials One 2019 offers all features at the best price; the best free entertainment with all features around music, audio books, podcasts, videos, movies and TV shows is only available with Audials One 2019.


MUSIC AND MORE - Free and legal download of music as MP3 from the internet

  • The Audials Turbo! Exclusive only with Audials!

Only Audials searches the best music sites and simultaneously monitors thousands of Internet radio stations around the world with the Audials radio network to deliver the music you want - targeted, lightning fast and legally! You can get singles, albums or the complete discography of your stars with the wish list.

  • Always automatically the music charts and new ideas at home

Audials provides you with the Rock Charts, Schlager Charts, German Music Video Charts, Pop Music Charts, Dance Charts, US Single Charts, 80s Charts and US Music Video Charts. But Audials also delivers newcomer performances and film soundtracks fresh to your table every month. You can import further music suggestions from the community with the wish lists of other users.

  • Audials artist directory offers you a whole music universe

You can access the complete discography with all the hits and albums of your stars with a single click by entering a category for top artists of a musical genre or by entering, for example, the name of a band. This way you can easily have Audials deliver the entire life's work of a musician. To get music albums, simply click on the picture with the desired album in the artist directory. Audials also offers a selection of chart hits and even samplers. Of course, you can also select individual titles.

  • Download music & music videos

Audials One searches for you simultaneously in the best legal music sources for the music of your stars. From the clearly arranged hits grouped by music albums, you can conveniently record the desired titles as a video or piece of music immediately with just one click. If you wish, you can even play the found music pieces before recording.

  • Top songs for the music search

Audials tells you your musical taste, e.g. with a piece of music as a reference, and Top Songs provides you with a playlist of songs matching your taste with a single click. You can play and download the hits individually or download all of them at once. This also works with music videos. Audials delivers a lot of new music in just a few minutes. By the way, Top Songs also works with the selection of a music genre or artist.

  • Getting new music from the Internet with Audials is simply fun

Top hits are highlighted in the search results. With just one click on the download button, Audials delivers the music you want. With the Autoplay mode, Audials automatically plays the top hits found. This makes Audials your personal radio!

  • Largest database with the most radios from the Internet!

In addition to all important radios, Audials also has the most popular German-language radios available for you. You can browse the radio database by music genre, country, language or local radio station. Alternatively and faster you can find suitable radios by entering your favourite artist using the dynamic search.


STREAMING - Record music and movies from all sources (music services or online video stores)

  • Audials One is your recorder for movies from the Internet

In the Audials software, the most important video streaming services, video portals and media libraries are already pre-configured with the optimal procedure for recording. Simply click on the Audials tile for the desired video streaming, then start the film and Audials will record in the video format you require, optimised for each device.

  • Only with Audials One: Automatically record and archive every episode and season of your favorite series on Amazon and Netflix!

With Audials One at Amazon, you can have all series automatically recorded sequence by sequence using the autoplay function in the video stream recorder. You can archive every season virtually overnight. This works great with the Google Chrome Browser for Amazon, but also for Netflix.

  • Planning recordings is child's play with Audials

You play the desired film briefly in the browser. Audials snaps the link to the stream. It's that easy to add the film to the recording planner! Once you have all the films together, you can let Audials start recording.

  • Record all videos and movies from the Internet with just one click

Netflix, Amazon and other major online video stores encrypt the video stream. Most tools cannot record encrypted video streams. With Audials you can record any kind of video streaming directly during playback. Without any loss of quality and in original size, Audials saves for you free and protected videos and movies from any source as a legal private copy.

  • Keep up with the platforms! Mission accomplished!

To be able to constantly record all streams from all providers with different formats and standards for you is both a challenge and a task for us. Very few software tools are able to record so many different types of streams permanently. As a free service, we make sure that during the lifetime of an Audials generation, your Audials software is upgraded almost simultaneously with possible changes in video services and portals, and that it remains fully functional.

  • Audials One records everything you hear on the net for you!

Pieces of music from music streaming from e.g. Spotify™ or Deezer™ are recognized as a song, cut out of the stream and automatically saved with all tags. Whenever you can listen to music on a website or in a player of a streaming software, Audials will record it and automatically save it, for example, as an MP3 file. Of course, this works just as great with the audio books from Spotify™ and Deezer™.

  • Record music streaming & audio books perfectly via streaming!

Audials can play the music streaming from Spotify and record it without any loss of quality! With no commercials and perfectly controlled volume, Audials One automatically records the music streaming and stores the recorded music in best quality and with all ID3 tags on your hard drive, directly in the cloud or on your smartphone in the most important audio file formats.


UNIVERSAL CONVERTER - Solves all problems with file formats of music, audio books, videos and films.

  • Audials One is your universal converter for all file formats

Audials is a universal converter for all audio and video file formats for PC, smartphone, tablet, netbook, notebook, ultrabook, game console and other devices. Music, audio books, videos and movies are converted quickly and in the highest quality to any file format.

  • Convert audio books lasting several hours in a few minutes!

With Audials One you can convert audio books with and without chapters to MP3 files for all devices. To do this, Audials One gives audio book libraries, such as Apple iTunes, a virtual CD-ROM drive. Then Audials virtually burns the audio book to MP3 files in the highest quality.

  • Archive DVD movies and play them on devices without a DVD drive

The lifespan of purchased film DVDs is often limited, even with careful use and professional storage. With the DVD copier from Audials One, you can protect yourself against loss! Unprotected DVDs are copied in no time at all. Protected DVDs can also be copied using Audials' legal re-recording function.


MEDIATHEK - Manage your entertainment on PC, smartphone, tablet and cloud

  • Audials One enhances your music collection

Audials automatically completes your media collection with ID3 tags, cover images and lyrics already as part of the recording process. However, Audials can also automatically adapt imported music tracks to the standard of your music collection by completing missing tags. This is just as successful with a small number of music pieces to be imported as it is with a huge music collection that fills a hard disk.

  • You want to re-sort thousands of music files? No problem for Audials!

Audials offers a very convenient way of rebuilding large music collections according to individual criteria. Collected changes for all music pieces of an album, artist or genre can be made in a flash with a right click of your mouse. You can have your music collection rearranged by Audials according to 22 predefined and even your own rules. Audials does the job for you with 10, 100, 1,000 or even more files!

  • music universe to roam your music collection

The Audials music universe shows you similar artists and bands for each musician with a photo. So you can easily and conveniently browse your music collection in search of similar music. Similarities in music styles between artists are represented by lines of relationship of varying thickness. You can determine the representation of the music universe by strong similarity, balanced mix or popularity. In this way, Audials helps you find the best artists that match a mood to put together a playlist.

  • Your video library - well organized!

Instead of just using title or label, you can browse your video collection with thumbnails and select and play the content you want. Three modes allow you to customize the display according to your needs as a multi-column table, list or just with thumbnails.

  • Fueling mobile devices and cloud storage

Audials refuels your smartphone or tablet directly via USB cable on the PC or via the Internet from the cloud. With a left/right view, Audials shows you the music collection of your PC and the destination folder of your connected device. The most important clouds are preconfigured and can also be refuelled like a device.

  • Audials turns your PC into a personal media cloud

Share your music, videos and movies on all your computers and on the go with your Android smartphone. Just leave your PC running and with Audials Anywhere you can access, browse, play and download your media anytime, anywhere with any device.

  • Audials turns your PC into a jukebox

With the Playlist Generator you can easily create playlists automatically. Simply enter genre or artist and Audials will create a new playlist with matching music. Of course, you can also manually add pieces of music from your music collection to a playlist using drag & drop.

  • Enjoy your media with Audials One

You can enjoy radios, music, videos, podcasts and films directly in Audials with the integrated player, disconnected in a separate main window or in full screen mode.



  • Audials Home - the dashboard!

Audials Home welcomes you every week with Audials entertainment services and other useful functions. As part of the dashboard and as a central component of Audials, the new Audials now features a central search function for finding: Musicians, songs from your music collection or even from YouTube, radios, podcasts & music TV, movies, series and videos from your video library.

  • Audials Music Zoom is a completely new way to discover music

The novel artificial intelligence of Audials Music Zoom has placed almost all musicians of all times on an almost infinite star chart according to musical genres. Zoom in with 3D feeling and explore the music universe! With just one click you can play the complete music tracks of a selected musician directly and even better than freeware: RECORD!

  • Thousands of podcasts for versatile entertainment

Audials provides further free entertainment with the integrated podcatcher. With the self-updating podcast database, you have the opportunity to subscribe to, download & enjoy 350,000 podcasts as audio or video broadcasts from the best podcasters in the world for free!

  • Many music TV stations via video streaming

Let the Audials Player run as a detached window while you use other programs. Audials entertains you in your own player around the clock - even with the best music TV stations.

  • Television & media libraries

Exclusively for our German-speaking users, all contents of the media libraries as well as live streams of all major TV stations with their feature films, TV series, documentaries and sporting events are available in Audials. Audials presents you with all broadcasts of the TV stations clearly arranged by channel, category or date. With the search function, you can quickly find your favorite program or all programs on a particular topic by keyword. With Audials, you can record the programmes and save them in any desired file format.

What is NEW & BETTER?
  • NEW! over 100 TV live streams: German channels such as NTV, Tagesschau24, Disney Channel and international
Audials now offers masses of new German-language and international live TV streams in addition to the best media libraries and previous TV offers from the Internet!
But now, with the switch to the new software, enjoy over 150 live streams and tens of thousands of broadcasts from all German media libraries.
  • NEW! Music requests and music search are clearly arranged in one tab
The three popular views Music Search, Music Wishes and My Music have been merged into the new Music view. This makes it much easier for you to get your music: Whatever is missing in your collection, add it directly on click!
Embark on a musical journey of discovery and experience music in a whole new way, download it directly or add it to the wish list for Audials.
  • NEW!Music styles and musicbot
Once defined, you can order an entire music collection for each style from Audials right away. The brand-new "Music Bot" does it for you: You determine the parameters of how your music collection should be designed.
The Music Bot will always give you an immediate suggestion as to which artists he would like to procure for you. As soon as you like what you see, one click is all it takes for Audials to do the rest, finding and downloading music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Internet radio stations!
  • NEW! Spotify as search source (for users with Spotify account)
The music search and wish list now also use Spotify, in addition to YouTube, Soundcloud & Co. This makes a huge difference in practice:
Audials now delivers much more music in much higher quality! This is the next step in the evolution of music delivery you must have! It's addictive!
System requirements
Version 2019
Size 1.45 Mon
Operating system Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Intel™ Pentium™ Processor or equivalent

  • 1 GHz CPU

  • 512 MB RAM

  • 400 MB free hard disk space

  • DSL Internet access

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